Otoplasty: Prominent Ear Correction/Ear reduction Surgery

Ear correction or otoplasty is the name for a number of operations to reshape the ear. This operation can be performed from the age of 6 years and upwards.

Who needs otoplasty?

Ears that stick out too far are often the focus of ridicule. Children tease each other and can sometimes be extremely cruel. Adults may choose for this operation because they want to change their hairstyle, or just because it balances their facial appearance.
Ears and earlobes can also be reduced in size.

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Procedure explained

  • Procedure is done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure
  • Each anatomical problem requires its own individual solution.
  • A small incision is usually made, under a local anesthetic, just behind the ear.
  • This allows the surgeon to correct the position and the shape of the ear cartilage with sutures.

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Post procedure recovery

  • After the procedure you will need to wear an elastic bandage for a few days; with other ear or earlobe corrections it is usually not necessary.
  • Two weeks later any swelling or bruising will disappear and you can resume all your usual sporting activities.

Know Your Surgeon

Dr. Aniketh has been trained in Otoplasty by Dr. Verpale and Dr. Tonnard in Ghent, Belgium.

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